About IVN Maastricht

We are the ‘Institute for Nature Education’.

IVN Maastricht contributes to a sustainable society by educating people about nature.  Our idea is that involvement with nature stimulates sustainable action.  That is why we allow young and old to experience nature up close.  We connect them with green initiatives (such as Tiny Forest projects) and social themes such as food, health, and energy. This year the theme running through all our activities has to do with Sustainability, namely the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Examples are our guided excursions where we make people aware of sustainable initiatives in our city, as well as by giving courses or lectures about the importance of biodiversity in nature or the threats involving certain species. We also point out during our excursions how landscapes can be viably sustainable for different uses than they once were intended – think of a garbage dump being turned into a solar panel park to create solar energy for the city and its citizens.
IVN has mainly volunteers, supported by paid professionals, and so provide a wide range of activities, services, and products.  Often in collaboration with partners who are also active in the field of nature and environmental education and communication.  IVN focuses on all age groups and offers a wide range of nature excursions, courses, workshops, and lectures.  In addition, booklets with walking and cycling routes are regularly published. IVN also educates nature guides who in turn can pass relevant information on to the public.
The national association consists of 170 local departments, of which IVN Maastricht is one.  In total there are about 20,000 active members.  The departments work together in regions.  Limburg is divided into 5 regions.
IVN Maastricht is an organization run totally by volunteers, which means that the association relies entirely on the voluntary, active commitment of its members.  There would be no IVN without active members!  Fortunately, IVN Maastricht can count on many active members.  The work they perform varies from organizing and supervising educational activities to distributing the association magazine ‘Humus’.
We can always use more active members.  Here is a small selection of the many possibilities:

Want to become active at IVN Maastricht?
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Please contact Carlo Poolen, email: ivn.maastricht@home.nl