Tiny Forest Muziekplein

This Tiny Forest was planted next to Utrecht Terwijde railwaystation and borders the local mall and school. This project showed that it is possible to convert a parking lot into a lush, green forest. After four years the forest was expanded and the fencing had to be replaced. The forest is now 400 m2 and is surrounde by a natural play areak, sports facilities and a pond. The former parking lot is now a place where people meet, children play and enjoy nature.

In April 2018 IVN converted a parking lot into a Tiny Forest. The forest was planted in cooperation with the nearby primary school the Ridderhof. Ridderhof’s deputy director Jelle Weeda dreamed of converting the massive, windy parking lot into a park with sports facilities and a natural play area. The forest was the first part of the transformation of the Muziekplein.

Planted by

Primary school Ridderhof, Hoek landscaping, Municipality of Utrecht and IVN nature education

Plant date

4 April 2018

Surface planted

225 m2 (2018), additional 180m2 (2021)

Number of trees

600 trees (2018), 540 extra trees (2021)

Surface outdoor classroom

50 m2

Biodiversity, education and community

Students of primary school Ridderhof use the forest every day during breaktime and a couple of times a year for outdoor learning. Ecologists of Wageningen University monitored this Tiny Forest as part of the research program.

They discovered 290 different species of plants and animals in the forest. The forest is open to public, and is used by local youth and community as a hang-out, unfortunately they don’t like to clean up after themselves.

The school and municipality take care of the forest and clean up every now and than.

Tree species list

  • Acer campestre 
  • Alnus glutinosa 
  • Betula pendula 
  • Cornus sanguinea
  • Corylus avellana 
  • Crataegus monogyna 
  • Frangula alnus 
  • Ilex aquifolium 
  • Malus sylvestris 
  • Populus nigra 
  • Populus tremula 
  • Prunus avium 
  • Prunus padus 
  • Prunus spinosa 
  • Pyrus pyraster 
  • Quercus petraea 
  • Quercus robur 
  • Rhamnus cathartica 
  • Ribes nigrum 
  • Ribes rubrum 
  • Rosa (o) canina 
  • Rosa (o) rubiginosa 
  • Salix alba 
  • Salix cinerea 
  • Salix viminalis 
  • Sambucus nigra 
  • Sorbus aucuparia 
  • Taxus baccata 
  • Tilia cordata 
  • Tilia platyphollos 
  • Ulmus glabra 
  • Ulmus laevis 
  • Ulmus minor 
  • Viburnum opulus 

Partners and sponsors

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