Discover Tiny Forest

Tiny Forests are densely packed native forests in the size of a tennis court. The forest is not just a pleasant spot for butterflies, birds, bees and small mammals; it is a great place for people too! It serves as an outdoor classroom where children learn about nature, as a meeting place for the local community and as a research location for scientists.

What do Tiny Forests do

Growing healthy communities connected to nature

Tiny Forest is not just about restoring nature: it is about creating a healthy environment, where people can (re)connect to nature. With Tiny Forests, we want to create a natural habitat for people in the city. Research shows that children who spend a lot of time in nature grow up to be healthy, happy and creative adults, that want to contribute to society.

Providing a natural space to learn and play

We believe that kids who plant their own forest will grow up loving nature and help to restore our planet to a healthier state. They learn how to maintain the forest and they use it as an outdoor classroom to learn and play in. That is why we involve schoolchildren and the local community in every step of the process.

Increasing biodiverse and climate-proof cities

Tiny Forest aims to restore biodiversity in cities and helps to mitigate the effects of climate change. Scientists of Wageningen University and Research discovered more 1.167 different species of plants and animals in 11 different Tiny Forests in the Netherlands. They also found that a Tiny Forest is 20 degrees Celsius cooler on a hot summer day than the nearby street. A study by Earthwatch Europe shows that water is absorbed into the ground 32% faster compared to surrounding land.  One Tiny Forest sequesters 127,5 kg/CO2 per year, this is expected to rise to 250 kg/CO2 per year.