Why did we register the Tiny Forest brand?

Tiny Forests have been very popular since the planting of the first Tiny Forest in Zaandam in december 2015. After planting our first forest, all sorts of ‘Tiny Forest’ initiatives sprung up in the Netherlands. Some of these initiatives differed a lot from the ideas and philosophy of Sharma and Miyawaki. That is why IVN and Sharma decided to turn Tiny Forest into a Registered Trademark: Tiny Forest®. This way we can ensure that small forests that bear the name Tiny Forest are in line with the ideas of Sharma and Miyawaki and also have a plan for involving the local community and schoolchildren. 

Is my forest a Tiny Forest®?

Not every small forest is a true Tiny Forest! The Tiny Forest concept is the brainchild of the Indian engineer Shubhendu Sharma (Afforestt). Sharma was inspired by and trained in Akira Miyawaki’s method to restore native forests. In order to ensure that the woodlands carrying the Tiny Forest name actually adhere to their principles, we have registered the Tiny Forest brand as a Registered Trademark®. We did this in consultation with Afforestt. You can use our checklist to determine whether your miniature forest is a true Tiny Forest®. 

Download our Checklist ‘Is my forest a Tiny Forest®? or check the infographic below.

tiny forest

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