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We want to help (aspiring) forest makers to create as many Tiny Forests as possible and that is why we are happy to share our resources with you. You will find our handbook, online courses and other downloads, that will help you to create your very own Tiny Forest.

Tiny Forest® handbook

Our dream is to have a Tiny Forest in every neighborhood in The netherlands, so we have written an open-source Tiny Forest Handbook to help everyone create their own native woodland.

Handbook Tiny forest planting method

Online course

Tiny Forests are popping up all across Europe. Do you want to get in on the action too? This course might be a good place to start. Daan Bleichrodt, initiator of the Tiny Forest movement in the Netherlands, shares his most valuable lessons. Have fun and may the forest be with you!

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Effects of nature on the human brain

This whitepaper by Dutch researcher Mark Mieras shows the effect nature has on the human brain. It shows the importance of creating more green spaces in the city, this will help nature and humankind to thrive.

Research report – A little bit of nature, a big influence

Introduction video

In December 2015 IVN Natuureducatie invited TED-talk speaker Shubhendu Sharma to the Netherlands for a special initiative: we planted our very first Tiny Forest. Together with Sharma, the municipality of Zaandam, Hoek Gardener, school children and local residents we planted the first Tiny Forest, right in the center of the town Zaandam.

A Tiny Forests® is a densely packed native forests, that fits into the size of a tennis court. The forest is not just an pleasant spot for butterflies, birds, bees and small mammals; it is a great place for people too. In the outdoor classroom, children learn about nature and it also serves as a meeting place for the local community.

We created a documentary about the effects of the Miyawaki method in the Netherlands. Did it work? Watch the video and find out.

Other downloads

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