Tiny Forest® open source handbook and resources (English)

Here you can find important information and factsheets about Tiny Forest. This includes the open source handbook Tiny Forest planting method.

Tiny Forest® open source handbook 

Our dream is to have a Tiny Forest in every neighborhood, so we have written an open-source Tiny Forest Handbook to help everyone create their own little forest. 

Handbook Tiny forest planting method

Checklist: is my forest a Tiny Forest®?

Not every small forest is a true Tiny Forest! The Tiny Forest concept is the brainchild of the Indian engineer Shubhendu Sharma (Afforestt). Shubhendu Sharma was inspired by the forestry method, which was developed by the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. In order to ensure that the woodlands carrying the Tiny Forest name actually adhere to their forestry principles, we have registered the Tiny Forest name as a Registered Trademark® in consultation with Ir. Sharma. You can use this checklist to determine whether your miniature forest is a true Tiny Forest®.

Checklist 'Is my forest a Tiny Forest®?

Research, visuals and infographic Tiny Forest

Research report on the effect of nature on the minds of people living in urbanised areas:

Research report - A little bit of nature, a big influence
Visual What is a Tiny Forest®?

Visual 'What is a Tiny Forest®?

Infographic on the effects of a Tiny Forest®

Infographic effects Tiny Forest

TED talk - Mr. Sharma (Afforestt) developer of the Tiny Forest concept:
How to grow a forest in your backyard