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*Sold out* Nature Bit 'Dark Sky' Texel

Nightlife from different perspectives

Did you ever think about experiencing the night through the eyes of a bat? Or how (artificial) light influences your biological clock, sleep rhythm and energy levels?

If so, join us to one of the last places where the milky way can be observed in the Netherlands and learn about the effects of light and darkness on nightlife and humans. Texel is the designated location since it offers a relatively clean look on one of the most precious sights on earth, that of the night sky. 

Besides the many effects of light and darkness on humans, it also influences the behavior of many animals. For example, research has shown that the Great tit / Koolmees (Parus Major) are more likely to cheat on their partner and have extra-pair copulations under particular forms of artificial light.

What are you learning?

We will be learning about the effects of (artificial) light and darkness on animal nightlife on Texel and its effects on us, humans. After getting to know each other by an introductory game, we will be shown the hidden pearls in the dunes of Texel by our guide Marcel Wijnalda. The tour by this local guide will teach us all about animal life on Texel whilst the sun is setting. When the sky turns dark, we will be detecting bats and learn about animal nightlife. The next morning, an interactive lecture by a chronobiologist on the effects of light and darkness on humans is provided. Hereafter, we will be hosting a workshop on animal perspectives and you are asked to assess the world from the perspective of a group of animals. After discussing your findings, we will end the program and return to the mainland.

The program

  • (21-5; 16.00)  Introductory game
    After arriving on Texel we will meet you in the harbor and collectively travel to the campsite of Camping Kogerstrand. Here we play an introductory game in order to get to know each other. 
  • (21-5; 17.00)  Set up sleeping gear & Dinner
    After the game you are asked to set up your sleeping gear in the Tipi tents. Hereafter we’ll have dinner with the group. 
  • (21-5; 19.00) National Park Duinen van Texel
    Marcel Wijnalda will pick us up after dinner and we’ll be guided into the National Park of the dunes of Texel. This excursion will take up to 3 hours (including detecting bats).

    Hereafter, nothing is scheduled but we can do storytelling, build a campfire, sleep, a combination of both or something else.

  • (22-5; 9.00) Breakfast & Deconstructing tents 

  • (22-5; 11.00)  Interactive lecture with Chronobiologist
    The next morning, after deconstructing the tents, we will checkout and travel to Hotel De Koog where Marijke Gordijn will teach us about the effects of light and darkness on humans. Marijke Gordijn is a scientist at the University of Groningen and is linked to many initiatives (e.g. Good Light Group, Bioclock) aimed at transferring scientific knowledge to society.
  • (22-5; 12:15) Lunch
  • (22-5; 13.00)  Workshop on animal perspectives
    After having lunch, we will organise a workshop on animal perspectives. You choose an animal or group of animals of your liking and are provided with information on this animal and answer some questions about it. Then, we will have a group discussion on the effects of light and darkness on different living entities.

Important information 

It’s going to be an active weekend;

  • Wear convenient boots and check the weather forecast before packing your bags.  
  • You are asked to come to Texel, beware that the ferry will cost you 2,50 euro’s. We suggest you take the ferry that leaves Den Helder at 2 PM. 
  • Bring your own sleeping bag and air-mattress. We have arranged four tipi tents which house up to 10 people each. 
  • The cost is a IVN-membership for a year. This will cost you a one-time 24,- euro’s (but you can join multiple Nature Bits!).
  • The program starts Saturday 15:00 at 3 PM 21st of May and ends Sunday 15:00 at 3 PM on the ferry back. You'll arrive back in Den Helder at around 4 PM.
  • The weekend is including food. The food is vegetarian with vegan options.

How to participate?

  1. A membership of IVN is needed for participation. With your membership of €24,-, you can join four Nature Bits this year!
  2. Sign up for this Nature Bit via this button. After signing up, you will receive an invoice (if not already member). 

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Algemene informatie

zaterdag 21 mei 2022 - 15:00 tot zondag 22 mei 2022 - 15:00
Badweg 33
1796 AA De Koog
Extra Informatie: 

Price: IVN membership of €24

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