IVN natuur in Amsterdam

Wormshop (in English) June 27th

If we want the plants on our balcony and in our city gardens to be healthy and green, it is important we add compost to feed soil life. Living organisms can transform our kitchen and garden scraps into black gold. Compost improves soil structure and the soil water-holding capacity. Plants can establish deeper roots and have easy access to water and nutrients.

Would you like to start making your own compost? Natuur&Milieuteam Zuid regularly organises workshops in the field of composting. In an English-spoken workshop on June 27th, Suzanne from Cityplot will teach you all about worms and their needs. In the second part of the workshop, you will make your own worm bin with recycled buckets and you will take a bunch of your new pets home.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday June 27th from 19:30 till 21:30 in the Wijkcentrum De Pijp, Gerard Doustraat 133.

Photo: crabchick, CC BY 2.0