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Guided nature walk in Westduinpark

A special edition guided nature walk in Westduinpark,

andre and wiliamThe walk is co-organised together with Justice & Peace
IVN, and will be led by current Shelter City guest and environmental defender
from Uganda, William Leslie Amanzuru, and experienced IVN nature guide,
Andre Smit.
Date: Saturday 23 November, 2019
Time: Tour 14.00 - 16.00
Meeting place: In front of Zeewindelaan 65, 2554 HB Den Haag

About the tour

The nature walk will take you through Westduinpark, a protected
nature reserve together with William Amanzuru, a current Shelter City
Nijmegen guest, environmental activist from Uganda, and founder of
Friends of Zoka who works for the protection, preservation and
sustainable management of the Zoka Central Forest Reserve, the only
natural tropical rain forest in the northern region of Uganda.
With the expertise and guidance of a guide from IVN, an organisation dedicated to education about nature and its conservation, you will have the chance to appreciate the wide variety of flora and fauna of the park, while engaging in a constructive dialogue between experts and practitioners in the field of nature conservation. Along the tour, you will learn about this unique nature reserve and its inhabitants, how it is being protected, and listen to the stories of William and his of work protecting the environment in Uganda.

Practical information

The tour will take approximately 1 and a half hours to two hours. You can sign up for it  via the link below. On the day itself, we kindly ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour starts and as the weather will be cold, we ask that you wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear. The tours will be in English.
RSVP to:  We kindly ask that you RSVP by Tuesday 12 November 2019, as spots are limited. Please state the starting time at 14.00. We look forward to welcoming you!


There is parking situated near the meeting point. For public
transport, you can take Bus 24 from Den Haag city centre to bus stop 'Den
Haag, de Savornin Lohmanlaan'. You may also cycle there (approximately 20
minutes from Den Haag city centre).
You will be welcomed by us outside the meeting point, where the organisation will serve warm drinks before the tour start time.



Algemene informatie

zaterdag 23 november 2019 - 14:00
Zeewindelaan 65
2554 HB Den Haag
Extra Informatie: 

Tenzij anders vermeld, is wandelen met een natuurgids gratis, aanmelden niet nodig en duren de wandelingen 1½ tot 2 uur.

Inlichtingen over de gratis wandelingen bij het IVN Den Haag en Omstreken Rob Meyer 070 368 14 00
(of 06 20 568 114), of Monique van den Broek 070 385 86 76.

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