The following countries are part of the global (Tiny) Forest network.
Click on the links below to read the Q&A on their personal stories on planting a Tiny Forest. If you wish to get in touch with (one of) the countries’ Tiny Forest organisors, you can find their contact details in the Q&A.

Country Organization Contact Quote  


Goodplanet Belgium Anna Pleonard “Contact with nature is a first step towards caring for nature and environment” Read more


Tiny Forest Curaçao Lennart Bak “Most people of the island have no idea of its original vegetation. So I decided that it was here that I could and should make a difference!” Read more
France Boomforest France Enrico Fusto  and Damien Saraceni  “Can people restore nature ecosystems in the places where they live, effectively and without big investments?” Read more
Germany Wald der Vielfalt Stefan Scharfe and Lukas Steingässer  “I strongly believe that education and hands-on experience are the most important factors in building ecological awareness.” Read more
India Afforestt India Shubhendu Sharma “We had a large backyard which had not much vegetation on it, it was kind of a waste land. Today it is full of life.” Read more
The Netherlands IVN Tiny Forest Daan Bleichrodt “Tens of thousands of kids  grow up in cities and never connect with nature.” Read more
Pakistan Urban Forest Pakistan Shahzad Qureshi “Our biggest struggle was finding the native tree species.” Read more
United Kingdom Earthwatch United Kingdom Maria Pontes “‘Getting forests to people’ is my personal motivation and the concept of tiny forests makes that so much more possible.” Read more

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